What do you do when you want to relieve your sexual tension, but you don’t want to settle for your hand and you don’t want to clean up a masturbator? You use a fifi, one of the most awesomely low-tech sex toys for men. More importantly, it feels great.

You know how some guys improvise their own male masturbators out of towels and rubbers? Guys behind bars and other resourceful dudes have been making homemade sex toys for years. fifi’s like that, but better because you don’t have to go through the steps to make it.

One of the greatest things about fifi is that you don’t have to clean it out, because the best male masturbator is one that feels good and isn’t hard to own. Its disposable latex sleeve is like a big condom that rolls up inside the foam outer layer. Roll it as tightly or loosely as you like. It retains heat and you can squeeze it for more pressure if you want. When you’re done, you toss the sleeve like you’d dispose of a condom.

fifi’s design is so discreet you can take it anywhere or leave it on your night stand without having to answer embarrassing questions.

You get to choose from five colours. Hunters and soldiers can stay incognito with Camouflage. Fire Red fifi will help you relieve that lust that’s about to explode. You’ll never have to suffer blue balls again with Big Blue. And if you think color is for pussies, you can go with the sweatpants look of Rugged Gray or the classy Mack Black.

fifi feels great, and it’s so much better than your hand.


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