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Customize your pleasure with incredible dual stimulators and sleek, feminine designs. The Dual Bunny Teaser features two independently controlled bullets with enough speeds to keep you busy for days. Take this gorgeous, pearly-purple teaser for a spin and experience pinpoint-precise stimulation on two of your favorite spots at once. Keep the two stimulators buzzing in tandem or adjust their speeds to suit your mood. Keep it simple and use just one, or indulge in your wildest fantasies and stimulate your clit and your super-sensitive anal nerve endings all at once. Get creative and find what sends you spiraling toward incredible orgasms—the teasers are ideal for use anywhere on your body. A removable bunny teaser made with jelly soft material provides intense, targeted stimulation to your clit. Just slip it onto either one of the bullets and get ready to be serenaded by two super-powerful, super-soft bunny ears.

Two independent dials on the controller make it easy to adjust the speed of each stimulator to suit your mood.

Three AA batteries are all you need to get started. What are you waiting for? Try out the gorgeous and totally orgasmic dual stimulator for yourself.