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XPANDER is the latest generation of prostate stimulators, which offers the possibility of exploration and the effective expansion of one’s own sexuality. Thanks to its globally unique, award-winning design, the XPANDER combines the latest technology for sexual fulfillment during anal play. Whether as a solo act or as an orgasm boost in couple play – the XPANDER opens up new worlds of lust for all anal lovers, regardless of their sexual orientation.

The innovative XPANDER technology is the result of intensive sexuality research with urologists and sexologists. The unique functionality of the XPANDER allows its volume to be reduced by 50%. This principle makes it possible to introduce the XPANDER with incredible ease, but at the same time absolutely safely. The XPANDER immediately unfolds its full stimulation size on the spot and gives a feeling of being wonderfully filled, which will inspire every anal play enthusiast. XPANDER technology is the key to healthy sexual well-being and fulfilled sexuality. No other product on the market offers these possibilities.

Available size Only: Medium

Product Features:

  • Prostate massager with perineum stimulator
  • Body weight controller pedestal base
  • 3 spokes for increased Xpander effect
  • Anti-bacterial material
  • Compatible with water-based lubricants
  • Storage bag included

Joy Division - XPANDER X3 Medium - Black photo